24. Rugs & Carpet in Home Interior

This is Video 24 of 35-videos series on Interior Design

Rugs and Carpets not for Everyone


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Rugs and carpets add lot of value and beautify your spaces instantly. They act as eye magnets. Rugs and carpets of right size , shape and color can beautify your space to other level.  You have area rugs that enhance the look of furniture, make rooms look smaller or larger  depending on how and where it is used, and provide warmth and atmosphere to interior spaces.

But don’t rush to buy one immediately. Why? Because Rugs and Carpets not for everyone. The reason is they absorb Light. They do not reflect light. If you are fighting with small space inside your room, you want to maximize light. More light you have, more Spacious your room will look. If your room is small rug and Carpets may not work for you.

Click  to view the video on Few tips to take care of while shopping for Rugs and Carpets.


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