26. Design Trick to Increase Room Height

This is Video 26 of 35-videos series on Interior Design

Quick Tricks to Increase your Room Height

Living in a space with reduced height? don’t worry. Let me ask you do you know how some petite women apply fashion tricks to make them appear taller! Here are tricks Interior Designers have found to make tour ceiling appear taller.

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Lighter color False ceiling– Paint your ceilings in white or lighter shade to walls making walls appear taller. You could also paint the first two or three inches of ceiling around the perimeter the same color as the walls to give the illusion of taller, higher walls.

Use Vertical stripes– vertical stripes create an illusion of height. You could either get it painted or use vertical stripe wallpaper to cover your walls.

Raised Door Opening – raise the interior door openings all the way up to the ceiling-or close to it to make room appear taller.

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