34. Direction of Your Room, Natural Light, Colour Scheme

This is Video 34 of 35-videos series on Interior Design

What Direction your room faces?

We spend more than 90% of our time Indoor. We are getting away from Nature. Few home owners are lucky to get lot of natural light inside their house. Here are few point on How Natural light can impact our surroundings.

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They way your room faces light should be a big deciding factor in selection of colors.

  • If your room is facing West – chances are it will get a lot of Evening light. If this room feels bit cold, you need to choose warm color for it.
  • If you room faces East and South – Chances are this room get less sunlight. Hence this room might be bit darker.
  • If your room faces North and West – very likely this room get lot of sunlight. Hence choose cool colors. For example. Blue.

You need to evaluate your room. Study which room get lot of light and which room stays darker. Do consider amount of light as important factor in deciding which color to choose



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