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Elegant Ideas for Sofa Wall Highlighters

What is Highlighting a wall? Very obvious first thought that enters any home owner’s mind in painting one wall in different or contrast color to other walls. But highlighting a wall isn’t now restricted to just painting.
You have other inventive choices include variety of textures, finishes and materials that that adds interest, style and sometime functional design element. Walls could also be highlighted by installing props and other elements.

But this is before we talk more about different ideas on wall highlighters, sofa needs to be places against a wall. For bigger rooms where sofa is placed in center of room, get a partition installed or wall created. This offers a comfortable, protected feeling. A Sofa in center of room will make you feel uncomfortable. You keep feeling someone is behind you. You feel cautious all while. Avoid that. You want to feel relaxed. Change your sofa or as I said earlier, get a partition installed.

What are different ways to highlight a Sofa-Wall?

Designer – Sofa wall is the sofa back wall. When you hear word ‘Highlighter” the first idea that often strikes is bold or contrast wall color. As I said earlier, you can highlight your walls with of textures, finishes and materials that that adds interest, style and sometime functional design element. Adding Props is another wall to add style to your walls.
Wallpaper you sofa walls, install wall- decal, go rich with Wooden wall paneling or stone cladding or create niche in walls for display purpose.


Paint – Paint is extremely basic way to highlight a wall. It sure does the trick. Adding contrast color to your room or let’s say highlighting a piece or art on a wall with unique color creates a seamless focal point.
Get dramatic with bold colors, absolute contrasting colors, pastel shades, anything.


Wallpaper – this is an excellent choice to add drama, style and creativity to any room. Today you have endless range of wallpaper design, textures and colors to choose from. From metallic shades to geometric patterns to fabric texture, grass cloth wallpaper, etc.

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Wall Paneling – Paneling is another prevalent wall design element that add texture to your room. Sleek, neat finish wooden panels placed horizontally or as large panels enriches the given space.


Wall Murals – often home owners relate to term Wall Murals with Kids bedroom. Well I would say that it’s not just for kid’s room. Choose an appropriate images, and wall mural can turn out to be bold, dramatic wall decor element of the room.
Designer PITCH – Bring out you passion on walls. Show it off. Think outside the box. But be careful too with type of finish you choose for living room. It showcases your style, your lifestyle, your personality.

Let’s Understand, Highlighting is often done for two main reasons
i. Create a cozy feeling, which here is not directly visible to eyes and
ii. To display or store decorative artifacts, souvenirs, sometimes books, photo’s, etc.

According to you what elements or items shall be avoided as wall highlighter behind Sofa?

Designer PITCH – Few designers suggest having mirrors on sofa-back wall. Yes mirrors do make your space feel open and doubles up your space. But we don’t really do that or suggest that. It’s your home, not a restaurant or hotel room that you want your room to appear larger than life. Mirrors are very often used in hotel rooms and restaurants to create a feeling of openness, superior rooms and bright feeling.
Well coming back to mirrors in homes, Mirrors especially on sofa-back wall is absolute NO! Reason, it could turn out as dangerous highlighter if you have kids at home. They may play by looking themselves in it again and again. This could lead to falling, thus hurting the kid.

If you love for Glass and mirrors and still want mirror used as highlighters here are other alternatives –
• To create and open space like mirror wall, Install back-painted glass that appear like mirror.
• If at all you want mirror only, please use toughened mirrors. These are much stronger, not easily breakable mirrors unlike regular ones.
• Also instead of sofa-back wall, create a mirror wall in dinning space or other smaller areas, but not living room and sofa-back walls.

There are many other ways to create a feeling on openness, bigger room size and cozy interiors. Check these Design Videos for how you can trick your visions and brains.

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