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Quick Tips to Senior Friendly Interiors

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Have elderly parents or grandparents in your home? Or planning to move with them? If your answer is yes, then it time for you to think through an Elderly / Senior friendly Interior concepts. These Ideas or concepts will help elderly one’s move around each room easily without any having to go through any

Basic know-how on Silviya-Egyptian Marble

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Sylvia is a beige marble mined in Egypt. Silviya Marbles are typically beige marbles which sometimes are confused with sunny marbles.  This is one of the reasons you will find nealr no information about Siviya Marbles. This is little of what we have to share on Silviya Marble. Silviya Marbles are either dark or

Introducing Bianco Marble from Afghanistan

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As home Owners we always want to look for economically available products. Marble is a universally preferred natural stone as flooring. Marble has been in trend and it is something that will stay in trend for years to come. Well for those who love Marble flooring but aren’t wanting to spend much – Bianco

34. Direction of Your Room, Natural Light, Colour Scheme

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This is Video 34 of 35-videos series on Interior Design What Direction your room faces? We spend more than 90% of our time Indoor. We are getting away from Nature. Few home owners are lucky to get lot of natural light inside their house. Here are few point on