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Where is wood polishing done?

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Polishing be it Melamine polish, PU polish or Polyester polish, a contractor usually prefers polishing the wood at his workshop then onsite. Contractors usually take those wooden pieces at his workshop that can be removed, transported and installed post polishing application. This includes shutters, small cupboards (if any), table, etc. But for wooden pieces or

Wood Polishing for Exposed Areas

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For exposed areas like outside doors, window doors, or wooden surfaces exposed on sunlight or other weather conditions, polishes used are different then that used for indoors. To say, Melamine polish, PU polish, Polyester polish prove unfruitful if applied on wood surfaces exposed to different weather conditions. For such exposed areas, Open pore Rubio Monocoat

Basic know-how on Lamination-Wood Finish

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Lamination finish - the third most commonly preferred finish is also technically called as PolyResin Polish. Lamination finish delivers glossy finish. Well you could say very high glossy finish. But, its expensive of all. Reason being the chemicals used and the number of steps to polishing repeated. For lamination or polyresin finish, the entire surface