Fresh Ideas to Decorate your Living Rooms

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Acrylic False Ceiling Acrylic sheets is the new trend. They look very beautiful and attractive too. It transforms your room character in few seconds with help of beautiful LED lights. The latest trend of laser cut acrylic sheets for false ceiling can take your breath away. These are available in variety of designs and colors.

Interview with Manish Patki- A Budding Artist

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Manish Patki is a Nasik based Artist learning different modelling techniques. We got in touch with him to know about these different techniques and this is what he shared with us – What are different techniques of modelling techniques you learning? Manish Patki – I have completed my course in Embossing, carving and sculpting. These

Elegant Ideas for Sofa Wall Highlighters

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What is Highlighting a wall? Very obvious first thought that enters any home owner’s mind in painting one wall in different or contrast color to other walls. But highlighting a wall isn’t now restricted to just painting. You have other inventive choices include variety of textures, finishes and materials that that adds interest, style and

Ideas to Separate Living Room & Dining Area

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Open floor plans are the feature of Modern homes. By open floor plans we mean, Open kitchen or seating area and dining area in one big living room. But home owners often get confused especially for how to separate dining area and seating area for such open spaces. Here are quick tips from our Designers

Buying Sofa for Modern Indian Homes

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Sofa’s is the biggest investment you make when it comes to buying furniture for your homes. You have so many different materials, designs and textures to choose from. One is bound to go wrong with buying perfect sofa for their homes. Here are our Designer’s view ( @ ) that help make you a