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Philips Lighting

Head office : Gurgaon
Manufacturing : India, China, France, Europe, Israel, etc.
Website :
Since : 1891
Help Line : 1800 102 2929

How to use this page: This page doesn’t cover all Philips products & categories. It contains few specific products that ContractorBhai recommends to its own Customers.

Purpose of this page is to give You a high-level overview of Philips products for Your Economic Home Renovation.

Product Categories

Philips Product line includes:

  • Ceiling light
  • Wall light
  • Spot Lights
  • Floor light
  • Desk/Table light
  • Suspension light
  • Modular Switches

Light Technology

  • LED
  • Halogen
  • Fluorescent
ContractorBhai highly recommends LED lights for Ceiling. These lights are also called Recessed, as they get concealed inside ceiling
Philips Products ContractorBhai

Philips Ceiling LED Lights

Philips LED lights for Ceiling

LED Flat Panel Lights, LED Down Lights, LED Spot Lights

Philips Ceiling LED lights Price Range

3 Types of Lights with their Price range

ContractorBhai Recommended Product

These are Economic, perhaps starting range in range of Philips Ceiling LED lights. Whole light is recessed, whole body fits inside ceiling. Body is flat. Has Die-casted Aluminum body. Colour available White,Warm White & Yellow. 6W light includes 12 bulbs, each of 0.5 Watts. Light is distributed evenly. Saves upto 80% energy bill compared to regular incandescent bulbs. Watts option Available – 7W, 12W etc.

Philips Flat LED 7W Square Light

Philips Flat LED 7W Square Light

Price Rs 1,750

Philips Flat Panel Round Light

Philips Flat Panel Round Light

Price Rs 2,995

ContractorBhai Recommended Product

Costlier then Flat lights. Philips Downlight requires more space inside ceiling, about 3-4 inches more. Watts required to give same amount of light is less compared to Flat light series. These lights use Concave LED inside which distribute more light. Whole light is recessed, whole body fits inside ceiling. Die-casted Aluminum body. Colour available Yellow & White. Most features same as Flat light series, except being more advance & costlier. Watts option Available – 5W, 7W, 8W

Philips LED 10W Down Light

Philips LED 10W Down Light

Price Rs 3,390

Philips LED 10W Down Light

Philips LED 10W Down Light

Price Rs 3,000

ContractorBhai Recommended Product

Spotlights are used when you want highlight some decorative thing like painting or other object inside home. Colour available Yellow & day Light.
While Ceiling lights spread light everywhere in room. These are used for creating more attention towards certain spot/area inside your home. Watts option Available – 3x1W, 3W, 5w.

Philips LED 5W Spot Light

Philips LED 5W Spot Light

Price Rs 2,486

Philips LED 3W Spot Light

Philips LED 3W Spot Light

Price Rs 1,695

What Interior Designers think about the Philips LED Lights ?

  • If you always used lamps & want same feeling warm white is good choice. However in modern designs, brighter feel of a cool white coloured LED is preferred.
  • LED lights are way to go, they look costly compared to CFL but generally for Residential lighting over two years it will payback extra money you have spent. In addition they do not transmit heat, do not go bad for years.
  • Philips Recessed LED lights for ceiling are available in 3 different colours. Daylight is between white & yellow light.
  • Philips LED lights with dimmable features are costly. Few models are dimmable & tunable (change colour).
  • Dimmable LED lights are larger in size (hidden/concealed part) then non-dimmable
  • Philips LED Spotlights come with movable & tiltable option. Excellent if you want to create attention on certain decorative item like Niche area or a painting.

What Electrical Contractors think about the Philips LED Lights ?

  • Incandescent bulbs have filament which gets heated to produce light. In LED lights there are no filament. It use less power & has longer life.
  • Warm white should be used inside living room, bedroom, passage. White or cool white can be used in kitchen, study, bathroom.
  • Many people feel LED lights are costly, but it saves 80% electricity bill compared to incandescent bulbs & 50% compared to CFL bulbs.
  • LED lights turn on immediately. CFL bulbs take a few seconds to reach its maximum lighting brightness.
  • Philips Flat LED lights vary from 0.5 to 3 watts. Round and Square Two Shape.
  • Philips Ceiling LED lights use Die-casted aluminum which gives excellent look and feel.
  • In Philips ceiling LEDS of flat panel type you can buy 7w, 12w, 15w. This series is starting price range for buying Philips ceiling LED light.
  • In a series as watts value increase, size of light increases too.
  • Philips Ceiling lights of type “Downlight” require 3 inch of gap in false ceiling. They come in white & warm white colours.

What Building material Shop Owners says about Philips LED Lights ?

  • Philips LED lights have widest variety of products in market. It is most popular & trusted brand. It is costlier then other local brands.
  • As time passes, LED lights will keep getting low in price. In next 10 years 3 out of 4 lights people buy will be LED. If you are renovating home today, why invest money in CFL or regular lights, why not buy LED lights which comes with so many benefits.
  • New series Aura has been launched in Philips LED Ceiling recessed lighting, this series is Economic & advance.
  • For some reason you don’t want to switch to LED & continue to use CFL; Atleast switch to LED at places where you switch on & off lights frequently. CFLs tale few minutes to warm up, if you switch it on & off frequently, it will go bad fast.
  • Philips LED lights come with 1 year company warranty. However there are many shop owners who would give you additional shop warranty, this is because shopkeepers are confident about quality Philips LED lights.


  • Most Building material Shops give 10% to 15% discounts on Philips LED Lights

Product Gallery

We are listing here 6 of Philips Ceiling LED lights which we highly recommend to Home Owners.

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