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Building material - Vitrified Tiles cost and rates

Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified Tiles are default flooring material for Home Owners. Flooring work is very fast & cost of flooring is lot less compared to Marble floor.

These tiles are made by baking mixture of clay and silica at high temperature. Vitrified Tiles are of two types – full body vitrified or Tiles with top thin layer of vitrification.

Matt and Polished are two main Finish types. Cost of Tiles go up as size increases.

Price Range

  • We have randomly chosen Nitco Tiles to give an idea about Price range
  • Prices mentioned cover Tiles for Flooring and Wall. Price range suitable for a Home Renovation project
  • ContractorBhai focuses on a Mid range/price segment
Nitco Tiles

Regular Size Tiles

Tiles upto size of 32″ x 32″ | All prices with unit of square per feet

0 Rs
0 Rs

Medium Size Tiles

Tiles bigger then 32″ x 32″ | Smaller then 1 meter x meter | | All prices with unit of square per feet

0 Rs

Big Size Tiles

Tiles bigger then meter by meter – 1m x 1m | 4 ft. x 2 ft. | 5 ft. x 2 ft. | | All prices with unit of square per feet

0 Rs
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Vitrified Tiles are hard, dense, homogenous. They are less porous then ceramic tiles hence they are easy to clean. With every new production batch there will be minor shade variation in tiles.
Glazed Vitrified Tile

Glazed Vitrified

  • Digital Printing technology makes these tiles extra-ordinary
  • Tiles have glazed surface which gets printed with design
  • Amazing range of designs available
  • Different Art work, Wooden, stone, metal, natural and other textures available
Polished Vitrified Tiles

Polished Vitrified

  • Invisible layer on the surface of vitrified tiles
  • Excellent water/dust repellent & anti-bacterial properties
  • Shiny & smooth surface
Full Body Vitrifed Tiles

Full Body Vitrified

  • Costly compared to others
  • It has same color throughout the Tile body. Limited range of designs available
  • Does not easy get scratches and does not break chips. Tiles design will never fade
  • Good for heavy traffic areas

Suggestions by ContractorBhai on buying Vitrified Tiles

  • Firstly Know for which room of the house you are buying
  • Generally Matt finish tiles are preferred in wet areas like for bathroom & kitchen
  • Glossy finish tiles are preferred for living room, bedroom, etc
  • Glossy finish tiles reflects light and therefore shines
  • Purchase flat tiles. Before buying check if the tiles are not bent which happens during manufacturing process
  • Check for shade variation. Open a few boxes to see if there’s no shade difference in tiles

Companies that make Vitrified Tiles

HR Johnson, Kajaria, Nitco, Somany, Simpolo, RAK