Products that home owners can benefit at ET ACETECH

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In ET ACETECH you will get to see different product categories that gratify to worldwide audience across several segments. In earlier article we just listed them. Let’s have a brief look on each of them and how home owners can benefit from it. • Bath and Sanitation - This category includes everything relating bathroom i.e.

ACETECH 2016 exhibition

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The Economic times ACETECH is a foremost trade fair in whole of Asia for Architecture, Building Materials, Innovation and Design. You can say that it is only third-of-its-kind in the world. It’s exceptional platform that offers opportunity to not just exhibit or display but also create enduring impression for people relating similar field i.e. the


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The wood work that reiterates Impressive toughness, flexibility and durability with beautiful textures that adds to the richness to your homes. SHERA Wood delivers superior aesthetics and quality ensuring long lasting beauty for floor, walls and floor ceilings. SHERA Wood includes different products like Planks, Splendid Planks, Floor Planks, Door frames and Skirting’s. Following are

SHERA Deco’ Board

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Home owners can now create spaces as stunning as their imaginations effortlessly with SHERA deco’ board. These deco’ boards are low-maintenance wall cladding and panels help home owners add a fresh touch of style to their interiors. Moreover, these eye catching boards come in eight flamboyant textures like Blossom, Cassia, Cassiano, Drop, Rocco, Stucco, Wave