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At home: My (twins) daughters are growing. We named them Vani & Veni. Vani means Saraswati in Sanskrit. Veni means Krishna in Sanskrit. They completed 3 months this week & they are keeping everyone busy. ContractorBhai - One Year Young now So we successfully completed first year at ContractorBhai.com - made lot of new business

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Me & my wife were blessed with 2 sweet little angels (twins) daughters. They were born Tuesday, Nov 27th night. Mom & kids are doing fine. My family wants to name them as per Indian horoscope (rashi). I have one spanish & Hawaiin (Polynesian) name in mind for each girl. Over next week or so

Damn! ContractorBhai.com is 4 months old

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So How are we doing? Not bad! Check the graph of people who have been visiting us. It is very encouraging. Its been 4 months we launched. Last month( April 2012) more then 3000 people visited us. Looking at statistics and sample data, most of the people who visited us were people who were looking

|| Om Ganeshaya Namah ||

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Ganesh is the Ever-Blissful who is lovingly worshiped by millions of people worldwide. Although Ganesh is known through the Hindu religion, Shri Ganesh transcends religion and is loved by many non-Hindu’s. We dedicated our first blog entry to Lord and pray for prospects for all our readers.