Why Choose Veneer over MDF

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Let’s understand the terms firstly, MDF is a Medium Density Fiberboard manufactured using a mixture of wood solids, wax and resins. This mixture that are bonded together on high temperature and pressure to build uniform wood product. MDF is far cheaper product in wood industry. In simple terms, MDF is a sawdust bonded together with

Changes in Veneer Wood Industry over few years

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Over past 20 years, the wood industry has seen many changes as far as technology, awareness, way of working, processes, etc. is concerned. Like, Conventionally, only professionals i.e. architects were the ones to suggest home owners for what type of polish to be used and where. And home owners agreed to whatever was suggested. But

Where is wood polishing done?

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Polishing be it Melamine polish, PU polish or Polyester polish, a contractor usually prefers polishing the wood at his workshop then onsite. Contractors usually take those wooden pieces at his workshop that can be removed, transported and installed post polishing application. This includes shutters, small cupboards (if any), table, etc. But for wooden pieces or