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Cost of Rubble Disposal - Masonry Rubble

Rubble Disposal

Rubble Masonry or Masonry Debris – It is the waste or remains of stones, bricks, sand and other construction materials. Rubble needs to be moved away soon after any construction work is over to reduce the ecological effect caused by it. Contractors call special transport companies who can take care of rubble disposal.

  • Cost is calculated per truck basis
  • Rubble is collected in the corner of the building by Contractor’s team
  • Contractor waits to call Truck service until a full truck load of rubble is collected
  • Experienced Contractor can easily estimate how many truck loads of Rubble will get collected

Rubble Masony Disposal – Truck service

Rupees per Truck

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0 Rs
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What is included in above Rate ?

  • Rates are on Per Truck basis
  • Charges may vary as per location of your Home
  • Responsibility of disposable of rabble is of truck
  • It includes collecting all rabble in bags, storing at one place & loading on trucks
  • Cost doesn’t include Labour of bringing Rubble down in building. Your Contractor team brings rubble down to the bottom of building.

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