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Due to large number of verification enquiries, we are allowing upto 5 work items & 5 material rate verification only. We are able to respond within 24 hours.

What is Rate Verification Service ?
– You got some rate/price from contractor for various work items.
– You submit details below & we will tell you if rate is High/Low/Competitive.

Can I also Verify Rate of building materials ?
– Yes!

Who should use Rate Verification service ?
– You are a Home Owner in process of renovating home.
– You already have a contractor or about to hire one.
– You have rates given by contractor & want to verify it.

I still don’t have Contractor & I do not have any rates – but I want to know how much things cost ?
Rate Verification tool is NOT for you!
Go to Cost Guide Section, we have written complete detail page on each work item & building material.
Also submit a form to get free Rough Quote. We will send you rough estimate or rate chart.

What result should I expect from Rate verifier ?
We will tell you if rate you got is LOW, COMPETITIVE or HIGH. We might also add some more useful pointers. Rate verifier has data for more then 100 work items for 35+ cities of India.

Fill below details & we will send you our feedback in a few hours.