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Suggestions on 3 BHK Home Renovation 2015-05-14T12:31:14+00:00

Dear Team

I own a 3 BHK house of 940 Sq ft. We have two  baths, one attached and another seperate. both are adjacent .  Can 1 Geizer be fitted to serve both?

Is  Electric chimney actually needed when there is provision for exhaust fan ? In case i go for chimney how does ductless chimney perform vs the one with Ducting .?

Is grill work advantageous for balcony opening Or Windows with closure acceptable, particularly in rainy seasons? Which gives a better look?

My size of kitchen  ( L Shaped ) is 9Ft x 6″  one side & 6 Ft x 6″ on other side  what could be the cost of Modular kitchen using Ply  with only wall cabinets  . The shutters shall be HI-GLOSS Finished look 

Kindly favour me with your advice / replies.


K, Venkatram

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Geysers – not advisable to use single geyser across multiple bathrooms. for reason of convenience & safety

Chimney – chimney or hoods are good.
ducted  chimney is equivalent of 15 exhaust fans
ductless chimney is equivalent of 8 exhaust fans

Grill work – if your home is on ground of lower floors, do grill work for sure for safety. Otherwise it can be optional. Totally depends on how do you see safety requirements in your neighbourhood. Grills are not cool to have but you still have them for safety reason. You dont anyone from outside to come in & if you have kids at home, you better get grill done.

modular kitchen cost – sir please go through below link for details
cost guide for modular kitchen


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