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Vitrified tiles laid on mosaic not level 2015-05-14T12:31:14+00:00


I’ve decided to put vitrified tiles (Simpolo 800 x 1200) on the existing mosaic floor. 5 tiles have been laid but it’s not up to my expectation. There edges of two adjacent tiles are not level so that when I run my finger across the joints I can feel the roughness and visually also one can see the difference in height. The joints are paperjoints with no spacing. The contractor says that this is normal for any tiles that are laid on existing floors. Is this true? I’ve halted work until I’ve got other opinions on this matter. Kindly help.

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Sir durability of your new flooring will directly depend upon how good is your old mosaic flooring.

There could be 3 different reasons contributing to lippage (tile un-evenness) problem here:

1) Most costliest vitrified tiles available in Indian market also has bend corner/edge problem. It doesnt matter if it is simpolo, kajaria, RAK, somany or Johnson – the best lot will have bend edges. ATleast few edges within whole room. This is Vitrified Tiles problem in general. These tiles are baked & no Indian Tile manufacturer is able to eliminate this issue 100%

2) Poor workmanship. Although changes are less, because most contractor get flooring right.

3) The quality of existing mosiac floor is not in good sape, in that case a round polishing will make it better. Yes you can polish Moosaic floors like marble.

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