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Which sand & cement to prefer 2015-05-14T12:31:14+00:00

Dear sir,

we recently moved to a new place and are planning to convert kitchen to modular kitchen as all wall of kitchen have a hint of leakage, we are planing to cover all kitchen  wall by tiles and re plaster the ceiling but since we re plastered the bathroom and passage we saw week plaster till steel grid  and the steel was rusted later the grid was scratched and applied red oxide and then re plastered it .

Now experienced the problem i want to ask what is the best procedure to do to re plaster ceiling and wall for tiles if we encounter same situation in kitchen 

which sand and cement is best in navi mumbai area for ceiling & wall re plastering?(inquired and knowed three type of sand  : black sand for Gujarat for rs 85 bag,red sand of gujarat for rs 85 and black sand of belapur for rs 75)

which cement is best for applying wall tiles on re plastered wall?

which chemical should i use for waterproofing of ceiling and wall ?(currently used zoriscott chemical) 

 Ps : srry for bad english .

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couple of points

1) what is source of water leakage – unless that is fixed problem can persist in future.

2) steel exposed or rusted needs special treatment separately

3) wall plaster – in addition ot cement & sand you need right polymer chemical to be fixed

4) a layer of polymer chemical application on plster will ensure better life.

Problem is very tricky it will not be right to answer anything without checking the place in person. You need a water proofing expert to take care of the situation. Do let us know if you need one.

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