ContractorBhai – 2 years in Home Renovation Hustle

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For 2 years, we've been on a mission to connect the dots inside Indian Home Renovation Industry. We now connect with more than 20 thousand Indian Home Owners every month. To make your Home Renovation Easy We have to solve a much bigger problems like lack of planning, low transparency & lack of right information

A real person, a lot like you

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I am 32 year-old, founder of ContractorBhai . Husband, father of twin girls. Computer Engineer by qualification. Software geek at heart. All my life, I have developed Software for Big Banks & IT companies. At ContratorBhai, I have a Unique Goal. I want to change how Indian Home owners renovate their Homes. Every other month,

Hub for Renovators & Designers – Nestopia

2013-04-15T12:42:56+00:00 Categories: Home Renovation|Tags: , , , , , , | ( to be launched on April 19th) is project which will make life easy for Indians who are planning to design & renovate their spaces. Met Harsh Jain, founder of Harsh Jain - 25 year old with lot of passion for idea he is working on. I had started my first website when