19. Big & Small Rooms, Well Designed Room

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This is Video 19 of a 35-videos series on Interior Design Drama of Big Rooms & small RoomsDrama of Big Rooms & small RoomsSmall rooms make you feel restricted, while big rooms too make you uncmfortable too, is not designed or arranged correctly.Therefore its very essential to choose right paint

17. Open Kitchen Design & Privacy

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This is Video 17 of 35-videos series on Interior Design Open Kitchen but not really OpenTo distinguish between open and closed kitchen type, closed kitchens are more functional while open kitchens beautify you space. But how to make kitchen space functional as well as beutiful at the same time??Put up

Soundproofing with Brick Walls and Glass Partition

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Depending upon what kind of Noise problem we are solving we need to decide if new Brick wall is required or other kind of partition with some additional layer will work. Glass Partition inside Offices Many clients call us for their office, they have a conference room inside a their office. No0w they feel that