False Ceiling – Maintaining and Durability

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One of the major worry for a homemaker is durability and maintenance or cleaning, be it simple furniture or frame or ceiling. Well once installed, False ceiling will stay for years to come. Let’s say home owners need not have to worry about changing or redoing the False Ceiling for minimum of 15-20 years. In

First time here ?

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Contractorbhai Pvt Ltd is a Home Renovation Company. We have provided '3D Design Service' to more than 1200 Homes Owners.(as of July 2017) When Home Owners work directly with Contractors or Carpenters, it involves lack of planning & design. We fill this gap. After lot of analysis & struggle we have reached at a

Stanley Door Closers – Product Review

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Door closer is a mechanical device that closes the door without anyone pushing it or closing the door. Traditionally Door Closers were a big device that attached on top of the door. These devices were attached from inside of the room and were quite visible. Door closers are attaches to the door with and angle

Sound Proof Aluminum Glass Sliding Windows

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Many a times our Contractors visit homes which are in middle of city's hush bush. Say a balcony facing a road with heavy traffic. A bedroom facing railway tracks. Living room facing market full of noise. In such scenarios Home Owners have common request - Can we have sound proof sliding windows ? Here are

How to install Wall Decal in your Home

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Home Owners who renovate their homes are looking for ideas to add more value to their decor. Wall Decal is one such value for money option. However should be done in right way. Wall decals are available at many commercial outlets which usually sell them as “Do it yourself” kit. So yes, you can do