The Birth of Modular Kitchen in India

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Modular Kitchen is one of hot topics among home owners. There were no modular kitchen, in-fact no one in India had heard about it just 15 years back. Today popular companies like sleek kitchen and kitchen Grace were first few companies to launch modular kitchen products in India. Mumbai has been first city to adopt

Interior Design for small Flats in India

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Thinking about renovation in limited budget, very soon you are going to hit problems like : lack of transparency : confusion in buying building materials like Tiles, fittings etc : fear of unknowns When you start talking to Contractors - soon you realise that everyone uses different format of Estimate. QUotes are different & since

How not to Renovate Home for Indian Home Owners

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Lets assume you are one of the Indian Home Owner who is planning to t renovate your Home. I know what probably you are going to do Step 1) Search for Contractors Option 1) you already know some Contractor or Option 2) you will start talking to your friends & Colleages or Option 3) you

Buying a house in new Building. Here’s what to know

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(Many home Owners get in touch with us, who have bought new house in a newly constructed building & want to do some Interior work. Here is brief of what we suggest to new Home Owners.) When you have make an agreement with the builder - all the details are suppose to be mentioned in