Quick Tips to Create Senior Friendly Bathroom

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Bathrooms is one place where the floor is constantly used and is wet. Well if you have elderly adult’s ay home, bathrooms, be it toilets, faucets or shower area / bath tub shall be most important safe and effectively designed. Imagine seniors who have lost mobility and strength, standing in shower area for long or

10 Cost Effective Ways to Add Luxury to Bedrooms

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After long stressful work day, undoubtedly we all want to feel relaxed, peaceful and calm. And what other place then bedrooms. We surely love those high ceiling, beaded chandeliers, indirect warm lights, etc. You might think that luxury room can be achieved only with space, huge exquisite beds and bedroom furniture, designer furniture pieces and

Quick Tips to Bathroom Friendly Flooring’s

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Ask anyone and The first thing any designer or architect would suggest for your modern bathrooms  interior design is anti skid tiles. Why Anti-Skid Tiles for Bathroom Interiors? For bathroom interior, it’s a good idea to have separate wet area and dry area. Plan shower area to be separate than Basin and

Secret to Factors that influence your Home Interior Colors Scheme

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Color is the first thing you notice the moment you enter the room. Different colors have different impact on the way our mind works. Studies have shown that different colors have different impact on our moods, behavior and insight of space. As its rightly said, sometimes picking up the perfect color for given room or

Fabulous Small bathroom Ideas for Indian Bathrooms

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Small Bathrooms is something very commonly found in modern homes. Well the bathroom may feel confined if not planned very well. Designing and planning such small room may seem off-putting. Well here are some easy and quick ideas to overcome those off-putting moments. How do you go about designing for small Bathrooms? Designer