Secret to Factors that influence your Home Interior Colors Scheme

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Color is the first thing you notice the moment you enter the room. Different colors have different impact on the way our mind works. Studies have shown that different colors have different impact on our moods, behavior and insight of space. As its rightly said, sometimes picking up the perfect color for given room or

Fabulous Small bathroom Ideas for Indian Bathrooms

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Small Bathrooms is something very commonly found in modern homes. Well the bathroom may feel confined if not planned very well. Designing and planning such small room may seem off-putting. Well here are some easy and quick ideas to overcome those off-putting moments. How do you go about designing for small Bathrooms? Designer 1

Fresh Ideas for Stylish Terrace or Balcony

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We often tend to ignore Terrace and Balcony make overs. But these are the areas meant to be a fun place to relax, socialize with friends in case of parties, and get together. It also helps you get the much needed change from busy, smothering life and interiors. Only a well-designed terrace or Balcony can

1 BHK Home Interior Design – Design Ideas that no one talks about

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Different Designers have different approach. Here is what Designers at Contractorbhai have to say for 1BHK Interior Design, Designer -1 - When you hear 1BHK, the first thing you think is nuclear family. Now this nuclear family could be parents and 2 kids or a kid or just a couple. So the basic requirements

A Guide to Planing TV Unit for Indian Homes

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Do you recollect those days where TV unit and other living room furniture were enormously tall that it stretched right from flooring to ceiling. It had a huge box in center to mount your TV with shelves on side where entire family’s accomplishments were displayed. Well gone are those days. TV units have now altered