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Other Painting services along with Digital Printing – An Interview with Jagjit Singh

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There are different types of printing job going on at our workshop. Also we don’t deal only with printing jobs, sometimes painting too is done. We receive orders for digital printing and painting differently. Many vendors like us would be receiving too. At times, a combination of painting and digital printing job is done for

False Ceiling and Ceiling Moldings

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False ceiling today is not only restricted to basic rectangular or square design type. With modern homes n interiors, homeowners have become more aware for how designer false ceiling can make difference to their modern interiors. Other than square/ rectangular false ceiling homeowners who have high budget opt for- (i) curvature/ curved false ceiling or

Why Final Finishing is Lengthier process in Home Renovation

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For a Home Renovation, if you notice final finishing or giving touch ups work slows down as compared to other renovation work. Here finishing is with regards to everything that falls under renovation be it tiling, painting, flooring, plastering, electrical or carpentry work. By finishing work we also mean cleaning the mess too. Before we

Time Taken to Paint 1BHK

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Painting homes or let’s say colors is one of the quickest, easiest, most reasonable and dramatic way to create an ambiance or change the mood to your apartments. Having right Shades or paint can help create harmony, illusion and emphasis interior style. So choose appropriate shades to rejuvenate freshness in your homes. But how much

Time Taken to Renovate 1BHK

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In this busy world where time constrain is a major crisis, home owners want to get home renovation done as soon as possible. We came across the most commonly asked query , " How many days does it take to renovate 1bhk?" . We approached two different professionals i.e a Contractor and a Designer who