Tell me about yourself and how did you get in to in construction Industry?
I did 2 Years extensive course of Land Surveyor from one of the Mumbai’s ITI Institute, Maharashtra Audyogik Sanstha, Mahalaxmi. This was 2005 till 2007. After finishing this course to get first hand experience I started working under Experienced people like Mangesh bhusavi, Harshad More architect , Parwar Sir architect.

Later in 2009 I decided to to Independent and started my business. My company provides Industry Expertise and indepth knowledge in Land Survey and related work. Land Survey technology has always been evolving. Previously we used Manual tools more, today there is use of laser technology. We do Contour Survey, Topographical Survey, Plane Table Survey , Plot Demarcation and amny other things to complete Land survey for given projects.

For a typical Building project we survey complete Plot. Calculate many things like Carpet Area etc from end to end and also in detail aspects for each Flat/apartment inside. Its pretty well organised study. Reports/Result generated by Lan Surveyor helps Builder decide how much space he can create and in turn how profitable a project would be. This Survey report also gets submitted as part documentation that goes to BMC Bombay Municipal Corporation).

Many times Plots are not Even. Our numbers also help in deciding how deep construction base should start.

For a 7-storey building how deep inside land one has to start construction?
It depends on land situation and quality. It depends on Piling. There are tools and instrucments which measure different aspects of Land and that decides how deep Columns have to go.

Describe recent 2-3 project you have worked on?
I have done many projects, if I have to name few then it would be :
1) In Dahisar, kandarPada. It was a slum of 2000 houses. Whole thing got re-developed. Builder at this site was DIAS Builder.
2) In Barwai Village, Panvel. It was huge land of 30 to 35 Acres.
3) Vacant Plot at Pawai, Mumbai. This was a Commercial Project.

How important is your work for any Builder starting a new project?
I would say Land Survey is the starting point. It gives idea of what is possible to develop. Builders use this data to talk to Land Owner and all Negotiations begins.

In re-development projects, the old structure is usually 2 or 3 floor building. Depending upon location new building is planned. In Borivali Kandivali Malad area 7 floors is common and then depending upon Builders Capacity, TDR and various other things, Builder decides how tall building will be. In Santacruz Vile Parle, due to airport vicinity there is limit to how tall a building can be.

Do you ever have to deal with Vastu Shastra related queries?
In Mumbai, Vastu Shashtra gets heavy importance. Everyone looks in to it. If a plot or a Flat in Mumbai has better Vastu qualities, it gets more importance and demand. There is also a Year long Course for Architects and Construction Industry professionals on Vastu Shashtra.