First visit of Contractor – What to know?

Lets say you are a home owner in city like Mumbai and you need to fix or Renovate your bathroom. One fine day you call a Contractor for inspection. If you want to know what to expect in first visit of Contractor keep reading further.

There are two situations in which a home owner calls Contractor, it could be general home renovation or to fix some specific problem.
For example Home owner wants to fix or renovate Bathroom or renovate Kitchen. In such case Contractor inspects particular part of home and asks questions about requirements in mind of owner. Contractor starts explaining his recommendations and changes that can be done for renovation.

If Owner likes the high level plan suggested by contractor, next step for Contractor is to prepare rough estimate or quote. Contractor takes measures rough square feet of the area which needs renovation and gives rough quotation to owner. There could be some minor plus or minus changes to the estimate or cost when Contractor comes up with actual Estimate.

Owners are always curious to know cost of home renovation after listening to suggestions made by Contractor after inspection. A good contractor gives you rough cost estimate as per present market rate of materials. For eg: Contractor includes cost of square feets of tiles, commode, plumbing, cement, sand and other materials, gives a rough estimate.

If rough estimate or quote sounds good to Owner, contractor starts working on more accurate estimate. is a community website for Home Renovation in India. It provides Free Estimates for your Home Renovation. Visit Home Owner section here

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