Kehte hain ki “Ghar wahi hota hain jaha apna Dil ho”. It is so damn true hain na?

You spend almost half of your valuable time at home. You will offourse want your home to look more beautiful, elegant and secured.

Your home furnishing and decorating will probably change as time goes by to accommodate changing needs and wants. Strive for a balance between long term investments. The goal is to create a home that is comfortable and says “I”m happy to be here”.

Making a house a home is an ongoing process. The best is to have a master plan in mind before you go ahead.

So are you thinking about doing some Home Renovation now? Or, maybe you recently moved and are beginning the decorating process. There are lists of areas or rooms on which you need to focus before starting the project for e.g.

  • Your living Room – Main attraction of a house
  • Bedroom – Peaceful place
  • Bathroom – The first place we enter when we open our eyes
  • Kitchen – For healthy living
  • Storeroom, guestroom, extra bedroom etc.
  1. Planning is very essential in all the field of life. So plan things before you start working for your home. Take time deciding where you want all your above rooms to be. Think about the space you would want for your living room or bedroom. How much area would be required for your Kitchen? Etc. Concentrate on one space at a time. It will be far more satisfying than trying to tackle too much at one time. This also allows you to refine your choices along the way. Contact the contractor and explain him the look you would want. It can make things simpler for all.

  2. Decorate your home in budget and still make it look like a castle. If you are decorating on a budget you may only have a certain amount of money to spend, make it count. If your are buying some stuff for your home ask yourself twice “Will this be good in my room”. So decide carefully. Consider other matters also like how much can you afford to spend on floorings, paint, furniture and accessories? Spend your money on furnishing that are well-built and will get the hardest usage. Remember that a room doesn’t have to be completed all at once if your budget does allow it. Some of the best designs develop over time

  3. Colors play a very vital role in home renovation. There is so much variety like paint color, fabrics, wallpaper and flooring that you have so many options. Saturation, intensity and value are interrelated terms that describe color and color theory. Combining all these together can give you awesome results sometimes .So use it with confidence.

  4. Furniture’s are the backbone of a house so find the ones which go well with the paints as well as which satisfy your needs and budget. Prefer the ones which are comfortable rather than just seeing the size or color. Invest in quality furniture rather than quantity .Ask your contractor to help you choose the best for you; also make sure that they are safe if you have children’s at home.

  5. Another integral part of home décor is the carpets and flooring (tiles) .They not only enhance the appearance of the floor but adds elegance to the interiors. You have to be clear about the design, color and quality of the carpet or tile before you buy the same. Marbles are a good choice and can make the room feel cool during summer heats.

  6. Use decorating stuffs at home to make it presentable and artistic.  May be few wall pictures or say a few indoor plants can freshen up the dull look. Lights also can play a major role when it comes to decorating the home. Using lamps and different kind of lampshades may give that cozy and intimate look.

A healing environment in these fast cities like Mumbai, Pune etc reduces stress. Home decorating design that holds comfort in mind is the greatest luxury and can put you at ease. Without comfort you may go home but you won”t want to stay there. It should be a pleasure to walk into your home at the end of the day and have it be as harmonious as it is beautiful. is a community website for Home Renovation in India. It provides Free Estimates for your Home Renovation. Visit Home Owner section here

[updated on 24-Oct-2019 by Nitin – founder of Contractorbhai]

Home Renovation or Home Interior is very overwhelming process. Its almost like getting a family member marriage. Its expensive, lot of service people are involved, lot of materials need to bought. There is always tug of war between expectations & actual results delivered by Contractor team.

20-30 years back Home Interior was very easy process. There were basic requirements, limited material options. Service providers were honest, space was enough. Today things have changed. We need lot of functionality to get covered in each room. There are enormous options of materials. There is confusion between whether to give priority to looks or to functionality. How to handle everything within budget. Time is biggest challenge today. On top of all this it has become more and more challenging to find right people. Make sure work is done correctly and right price is paid.

Due to cut throat competition service providers try to beat each other on price and delivery time. Many of them then compromise on materials and sevice level. For example Carpentry team gets lowest labour rates in market. If you compare their daily wages to Civil team or any other group, they get very less. And this has lead in to big problem of kickbacks. Carpenter will make sure that you buy plywood from his choice of shop. Even if you got highest quality plywood on your own, there are chances it will get rejected by carpenter. Reason is simple – kickbacks/commissions. Shopkeeper gives kickbacks to carpenter and also has to give material at competitive prices. So shopkeeper compromises on quality of plywood sold. Due to competition even if he wants to sell good material, it becomes next to impossible to do business.

Its a vicious cycle, home owners like carpenter, plywood etc which comes at cheaper price. This in turn leads in to lower quality results.

Companies, including ours, claiming “Home Renovation made easy”, is really not that easy. It is tough problem to handle.