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Tips to update Indian Kitchen in less

A classy and a catchy stuff always attract our eyes isn’t it? So in order to make your kitchen look cool that you like to enter into it is not that difficult as one might think it to be, if you can manipulate small small things in your kitchen. Following are the few tips which can help you to make things easier

Neela? Pila? Ki Safed? Colors do matter a lot over here

Choosing an appropriate color makes a lot of difference, so depending upon your house color decide your taste. It can really create a huge impact. It not only brightens up the area but also make it lively for you to cook delicious food. After all who likes to enter a Kitchen which is dull …Hain na?

The perfect Layout for your kitchen

Placing the appliances in correct position is also very important, so as to make the kitchen user-friendly. for e.g.


  •  Do I need an eating area in the kitchen?
  •  Will I have room to store the cooking oil near the stove or will I have to go across the room to get it
  •  Where will I place the refrigerator?
  •  Where there be any place for the microwave?


Change the old kitchen tiles with the new stylish ones. Nowadays ceramics tiles or Marbonite go very well and one can buy it from some places of Mumbai where they are really very cheap and quite affordable.

Modify your Ceiling. That’s one more tip

Select a good Ceiling color. Use hanging lamps if you want to. It can make the kitchen to brighten up. One can buy these lighting with different shades to give it a nice look. So depending upon your need select your seller.


Very creative options are available at most building material stores in Mumbai, Pune and other different cities. Ceramic subway tiles are another trendy backsplash look.

New Hardware and Accessories also play an important role

One can also change the hardware of the kitchen so as to make it look more sophisticated by getting new cabinets and drawers. Buy a microwave if you have enough room left in your Kitchen. Update your accessories with newer designs to make the kitchen look stylish. A new set of cutlery can also help sometimes.


It is imperative that your newly renovated kitchen is properly ventilated. Be sure to make choices about your ventilation system before kitchen renovations begin. Make sure you discuss with Contractor the type of ventilation system you wish to have before the project begins.

The beauty of nature

One can also add few hanging plants to have a fresh look.

Last and not the least are the Walls

If you like fine arts than finish your wall with framed posters which go well with the color combination.

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