What are main concerns in mind of Home Owners when they meet Contractor or Interior Designer or Architect for the first time?
From my experiences in Pune and nearby area, Vastu shashtra gets lot of importance. Space matters. If you buy a 2bhk (Bedroom Hall Kitchen) flat in Pune you need 50 lakhs or more. People want the house space to get used properly. they want you to Plan things which take care of vastu. With Bungalows it is possbile to be flexible in planning. But with Flats/Apartments you have to be proactive and get best solution within given space. After working on all aspects including Orientation given by builder, Interior, Home Owners expectation, budget etc, we finalise budget.

What are usual day to day Challenges for Civil/Construction Professionals like you?
We do the professional practice and we have to take along the uneducated workers. We have to balance both the ends. We get requirements from Home Owners or Site Owner. And we have to work with Skilled labours and others to get work done in time and as per expectations. We have to face the communication and also solve the problems faced both the sides and do the work. Most of the people are genuine and committed. Like everything else in life you always come across people with whom you have to deal carefully.

After all these years of experience how do you compare working independently vs taking up Job in some Construction company?
With Builder’s work there are always some or the other limitations. You do not get to use all your Creative Ideas and terms. Finally any Builder/company is focused on earning money. They do not have to stay in houses/buildings they build. Having said that I have independently done work for Builders where I was able to use lot of good Ideas. I have started work for one big scheme in Satara. For the first time in city of Satara there will be Sample Flat, people get to look at it and then book/buy new homes. This is a common practice in Pune Mumbai and almost bigger cities. Projects for Home owners are always full of work satisfaction. As I said earlier Home Owners have limited budget and lot of expectations. Lot of emotions and care involved. To meet their expectations is tough and challenging task. I have done more then 300 Home Renovation/ Remodeling projects in Pune. I know how it feels being a Home Owner. For us all projects are equally important, it could be small renovation task or complete Bungalow development from scratch.