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Need Furniture? Buy Readymade or Homemade?

We usually get question from Home Owners who are shopping for Furniture. Biggest confusion people have is whether to buy Readymade or hire a carpenter and make it at home.

We asked this question to an Architect friend and here’s what he answered.

I will suggest you hire a Carpenter and let him make your furniture.

To make furniture two different types of PLYs are used.

(1) Particle board (board made of 80% wood powder)
(2) Commercial ply

Readymade furniture which is available in market is made from 80% particle board(board made of wood powder) The laminate used on it is 0.3 or 0.4 which is called as paper laminate and edge binding is done on the edges which is very thin.

The furniture which a Carpenter makes is from commercial ply or water proof quality ply. In this we use 1mm thickness laminate from both inside and outside.There is difference in price of both but the quality of furniture which we have made from the carpenter is very good and durability is for long time.

If you go to big showrooms like TANGENT it will cost you more as its branded. But the ply used will be of particle board. The furniture made in factories in large scale do not use commercial ply but the same particle board. In corporate offices or IT offices we make furniture out of this particle board as the quantity is in hundreds.

Difference between readymade furniture and self made furniture.

Self made(Hire Carpenter) furniture:-
(1) The furniture which we make from carpenter is little cheaper in price than compared to the market.
(2) While the furniture which we make is according to our room size in which it fits properly.

Readymade furniture:-
(1) As the shopkeeper adds his profit margin on every individual item plus they dont give any warranty or guranty on the product.
(2) The readymade furniture doesnt fit in our home properly,it wont merge properly.

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  1. anil Reddy 23 November 2013 at 2:56 pm - Reply

    not too detailed but good post..homemade is my choice..if not possible then ready made..

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