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Home Renovation in high rise towers & Society restrictions

When people write or call us for free estimate, we ask them couple of questions, which includes two important questions:
1) On what floor is your place ?
2) Is there some work timing restriction.

These are important factors in deciding cost of Home Renovation. Let me explain how doing home Renovation on lower floors is less costlier then doing work on higher floors in high rise towers.

The equipments or material which has to be carried to the 7 or 8 or any floor that is higher adds up in labour’s cost. Heavy things may damage the lift, hence many society don’t permit you to use lift. Again the common area (staircase) which is used needs to be cleaned everyday. So all such additional items adds up to the cost of project. This is the only difference between the work done on ground or lower floors and the top floors.

Places where people are already staying in the society and you have to do your house work, first you have to inform the society about it and take permission if they can work in afternoons. Some places the society does not permit you to work in afternoon as it causes disturbance to the people who want to take rest.

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