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Modular Kitchens in new Building. May be not

Recently, Builders have stopped giving Modular kitchens in newly constructed Buildings, if you are getting one, we recommend to avoid it. Reason is not all clients are sure whether they want to have Modular kitchen, hence Client & builder should not end up spending or rather waste money.

Instead we suggest builders to give kitchen area, tap point for water and electrical points. In olden days platform was made out of Kadapa stones (Cuddapah) or out of Marble. However in Modular kitchen there is MS frame on which we put Granite.www.atoledo.com Then we insert the baskets or trolly in this area and ready shutters are placed.

In modular kitchen the Granite is put on MS frame which is modular kitchen platform. And in regular kitchen platform Granite is usually put on top of two kadapas. This is the difference between two. Baskets or kitchen trolleys are same in both cases. The benefit in modular kitchen is that we can remove the MS frame. Secondly after flooring is done, we can still make the platform. In a regular kitchen – first platform has to be made and then you have to start flooring work.

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