(These are some of the real life questions our readers have asked in past)

Q – I stay in Mumbai and own a sweet small house. Because of space shortage I have converted the balcony area as kitchen workspace. Do I get an option of having a Modular kitchen in such a small area or carpentery work is only option???

A – Working in smaller area is quite challenging, but yes you can definately look for a Modular kitchen. No matter how small or big the kitchen area is. In smaller area you will get smaller, basic n necessary cabinets. Having modular Kitchen helps save your time n gives u a better finishing. In carpentry work it takes days n days to have your kitchen made. And on top of it the work place gets messy until your kitchen is ready. Now a days with working men n women it difficult for them to take out so much time. For a modular kitchen, we come only twice. Once to take the sizes of the kitchen area and on the last day to install the entire setup. The work for drawers,cabins and doors are done at factory. So here you will not have to worry for cleaning too. Having a modular kicthen wudn’t take more then 20-25 days max.

Q – Will Modular Kitchen give me enough space to work in kitchen?

A – You don’t have to worry when its Modular Kitchen. You have plenty of designs, styles n sizes available. Infact in smaller area, its best to have a modular kitchen as it will give u a look and feel of modern kitchen plus it saves time. A carpenter will not be ale to do so . Infact he may not be able to give you as much free space as a Modular Kitchen will.

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