Most important material used in making Wardrobe is Plywood. If we talk about branded good quality ply then Plywood Rates are pretty much standard across city. Hence Wardrobe Prices in Bangalore should be almost same as Wardrobe prices in Mumbai or Delhi.

Next comes laminate, again in branded laminate prices are same across India. It might differ by rupee or two per sq. ft.

commerical ply India

commerical ply India

However the other important thing that impacts the price is labour. To get an Idea about labour cost. One way to calculate is percentage basis.

In Mumbai, a good carpenter would charge you around 30% of the cost of raw material. If you are bringing material ( ply, laminate, hardware, fevicol & other accessories ) for 10000 then they will charge labour cost as 3000 rupees.

In Bangalore, carpenter might charge 25% , sameway in Pune it might be 25% . This is just an approximation. There is no fix prices. Lot of things depends on demand situation.

So Bottomline is, pretty much in all big cities & towns the only factor that will heavily impact Wardrobe Prices would be labour charges.

Wardrobe design, Wardrobe shelf & laminate quality will also take your prices high or low. You have to clear about furniture in your mind. Do you want Wardrobe last for next 10-15 years ? If answer is yes then go for high quality Marine Ply. It will increase Wardrobe price, but it will stay with you, perhaps get used by next generation. however if you dont want to spend much, next option is Commercial Ply. Anything below that, dont make furniture, just get it ready-made.

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