In false ceiling you have to use lights in such a way that they are not visible (hidden). In false ceiling you do not get direct light, you always get indirect light . This is creates good effect on eyes.

In living room you hardly need 1 or 2 tubelights but in false ceiling the requirement (quantity) of light increases. Whether to have 4 LED lights in 4 corner or 6 or more depends on size of your living room. Advantage is you with LED you get to lit up area of your room which needs to be lit. You dont require to lit whole room all the time. hence it is possible to create different mood & soothing effects.

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2000 plus models in Philips LED Lights

LED lights have comparatively longer life. The electrician or Designer will guide you on how many lights you require for living room. Then an electrical point is taken and fitted with the
false ceiling.

If you make false ceiling in bedroom you use less light compared to living room. You need more light on study table & computer.