Not able to decide whether to have a wallpaper or not because of termites or white ants???

Don’t worry. You can have wallpaper installed no matter what. Termites problem referred to as white ants can easily be solved. You can have termites due to several reasons, but this problem on walls can be due to leakage problem or poor material sand used while construction. No matter whatsoever the reasons, you can still plan to have wallpaper on your walls. Before having wallpaper installed, a cement sheet will be cladded to your walls. These sheets are as thin as 2mm to 3mm. 10mm thick cement sheets are also available but thinner sheets are preferred to be used here. Termites cannot chew through properly laid concrete surface, and so cement sheets will help protect your walls from such eusocial insects.

If you are still worried that wallpapers will attract insects and ants, then let me tell you that it’s a myth. As I said earlier, you will face insect and termite problem where there is leakage problem at a major level.