Updates ContractorBhai.com in 20th month

Girls are 10 months old Now

Veni Vani – my twin daugters keep everyone at home surprised, everyday.

Veni-Vani-founder-daughtersVeni has started crawling month back. Vani is bit heavy, making full efforts to crawl, but she has little succes in it. She, however has grasped the power of smiling. She responds so well, quickly with a big smile to anyone who calls her, this way our neighbours are always ready to lift her & take her out. Guess thats how she is bypassing the lack of crawling.

There is something about going out. I have no idea. Both the girls, if they see someone standing around, cry & want to get lifted. Once you lift one of them they point finger to the door. They want to go out.

Reminds me of Stand up comedian “Jerry Seinfeld” – “There is something about going out. Everyone wants to go out. AND – Once you are out, you want to go back home”

ContractorBhai is now in its 20th Month.

Over next few month we plan to partner with local retail store & see if we can create win win situations for Home Owners & store owners.

Lack of Transparency is killing the whole Renovation Industry.

We have promised ourself not to compromise on Workmanship & material quality. We struggle to proove ourself with every new project but we still loose battle 4 out of 5 times. There are so many ways for people to under quote. By nature of the service we are selling it becomes difficult to justify. For Example a lower priced but bad quality Aluminum sliding window will take atleast 6 months to go bad. At the time of appointing Contractor unless Home owner understands it, there is no way to justify why the other guy is under quoting us.

We are not just struggling to educate customer but we also have other big challenge of resistance from whole community of professionals. According to them we are breaking their market, we are making things transparent. The only answer we have for them is, things will change, if not us, then some other kid will bring change. Its your choice whether you want to get on board with us or not.

CB RATE chart

For the first time in India, soon, you will get to see Rate chart for various work items related to renovation. It wont be perfect, it wont be complete, but we will make it more robust as we get feedback from people. The reason for disclosing rates is to take transparency to next level. It might look like a single simple page with rates, but it is big deal for everyone who is in market for renovation. It is good for Home Owners, it will be evil for many service providers. We will see!

20 month graph of ContractorBhai.com reach


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  1. anil Reddy 23 November 2013 at 3:32 pm - Reply

    Lack of Transparency is killing the whole Renovation Industry. CANT AGREE MORE..; Veni & Vani sweet names 🙂

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