China made Vitrified Tiles – Product Review

Vitrified tile is a tile produced using vitrification process. China made vitrified tiles are found to be cheapest in world. The reason behind this is, Chinese believe in mass-production and mass-consumption formula and keep their profit margins low.

Vitrified tiles are usually used for flooring purpose but these days you have wall tiles that are used in kitchens and other rooms. Flooring tiles are usually glazed with smooth finish called as Neon finish tiles. For walls you have decorative tiles. BNM company tiles are quite popularly used for flooring purpose.

There are different sizes available in these tiles like
1200x1200mm and more.

Its best to use big size tiles for flooring as it will make your room look neat and bigger.

But tiles thickness has reduced then what was manufactured before. Originally Bell company manufactured tiles were quite thick called as Full Body vitrified tiles. These full body vitrified tiles were expensive and not every home owner could afford it. China believes in not letting the world compete them pricewise, they cut down on its thickness. Cutting down on its thickness made vitrified tiles affordable. Today many home owners prefer having vitrified tiles as they come for affordable price.

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