There are several reasons for leakage in Bathroom like damaged walls, mildew growth, etc. But before getting anything fixed/rectified, it’s most important to know the reason for leakage.

Reason 1

But if you have a second story bathroom or neighbors’ bathroom in the same place, the problem could be in water supply line or in one of the Bathroom Fittings – faucet or drains. Here the upper neighbor shall firstly try to find to cause of the leak. If the leakage is due to water supply line/drain line, than that shall be fixed first. Here the flooring will have to be compulsorily changed. Because the tiles would be affected by the leak which in future may crack/break. But while changing the flooring of the bathroom, water proofing should be done. Once the waterproofing is done, a home-owner need not worry for next 4-5 years (or even more).

Process of water proofing in existing bathroom.

  • Firstly the old tiles are broken and the surface is made smooth/in level for waterproofing.
  • The water proofing chemical then applied or sprayed on the surface and most importantly joints of wall. The chemical used is imported chemical.
  • The chemical is applied twice. Once the first coat is applied & then second coat is applied in next 2-3 hours. But see to it that the second coat applied is in different direction to the first coat i.e. if the first coat is applied vertically than the second coat shall be applied horizontally.

Reason 2

If you see a damp spot that reoccurs off-on on the ceiling than there are 99% chances for the leakage in drain pipe. This problem occurs when “Nani trap” or “nahani trap” is not fixed properly. Trap is basically small hole from where water flows outside of your bathroom. Fitting inside this outlet is known as “trap”. Only skilled contractors & mason workers know that it is important to place this trap covered by small pipe piece for extra protection. This is popularly called “vata” (common plumbing language of Mumbai)

“Vata” (pipe covering) is a small part that costs around Rs 50 to Rs 100, but this is ignored by most mason workers. This small measures can save 1000s if rupees in future.

You have S-trap and P-trap used for drain. The type of trap to be used is decided on the space availability. But here there’s a pipe running through the “Nani trap” that carries an additional pipe inside.

Reason 3

In some cases, there could be leakage in the fixture if it’s got rotten. Here you need to replace the entire fitting or diverter. There are chances of loose fitting between the water supply line and the fixture. This can be fixed by tightening the fitting.

As you see from above, it’s very important to know the reasons of leakage. If the flooring is changed of the bathroom, the traps shall also be changed. Usually there’s no leakage problem seen if CPVC pipes are used for water supply and drainage system.


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