• lay Italian Marble Flooring on exsiting Flooring

Can we lay Italian Marble Flooring on old Flooring

Every month we talk to many home owners who are planning to Italian Marbles & we get all sorts of question. We have been asked several times “if it OK to lay Italian marble on top of Floor which has Old tiles flooring

We usually discourage. It is not advisable. Every building or building slab is planned to hold certain amount of weight all the time. Certain amount of load is calculated & construction is done. So you have already incurred sufficient weight by laying Tiles on floors.

If you are add Italian marble on top of it there will be additional weight on top of columns & beams.

Secondly, Italian marble flooring will never get that proper grip on top of existing Tile flooring or for that matter any marble flooring.

Hence remove existing flooring & then do flooring with Italian Marble.

You are investing so much of money in to Italian Marble then get it done correctly, if after 2 – 3 years it starts loosing grip, its not worth it. there is no point in spending so much money.

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  1. carol 13 March 2015 at 7:47 pm - Reply

    I have purchased italian marble slabs of size 10 ft * 6 ft. Can we lay it just like that without cutting in size.I would like to have large slabs.

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