Lightening is one of the important aspect of interiors. Too much of light or very dim lights can strain home owners eyes. Lamps or tube lights used for lighting are usually categorized with their output in lumens.

Usually an output i.e. lumens of 11 watts to 18 watts of CFL is sufficient for bathroom lighting. CFL – compact fluorescent lamp is an energy saving and a compact florescent tube. CFL was designed to replace incandescent light. In comparison to normal incandescent lights, CFL lights save lot of energy and throws similar amount if light in lesser power. Lets say an 18 watt CFL bulb/light throws/projects light equal to 100 watts incandescent bulb.

In modern world on interiors, LED has replaced CFL in many areas. Having LED lights has become more of trend in modern homes today. This is why many home owners ask for LED lights without knowing how and what watts to be installed in which areas of home interior. Also there are many home owners who prefer 36 watts tube in bathroom, these are one’s who want extra bright light in their bathrooms. But as per standard lighting, 18 watts CFL lights is more than sufficient for any bathroom.

How many watts used is more important than the number of tube/lamps used

These days’ modern home owners prefer using more number of light/tube in his bathroom. Here what matters is the how many watts light bulb/tube is used. If a home owners installs 4 lights with 1 watt power, then the total light emitted is very less for a bathroom and appear very din even after 4 lights switched on. Also if a home owners installs 5 watts 4 tube lights, bulbs in bathroom, it will appear to be too bright that cause trouble to eyes.

There are many ways of using lights of different watts adapted by modern home owners today. The most preferred style by home owners is having acrylic sheet as ceiling where the lights are hidden above it. When switched on the entire ceiling lit up and lightens the bathroom.