Italian Marble is natural stone. Inside a block of stone, you have no idea about colours or figures. And you never know what can go wrong it’s a natural stone you cut it from the mines you import it. You can say most of the suppliers have also incurred losses in doing these things because they also don’t know what is there inside but they have the capacity of taking risks since it is their daily business. They have to go through this process of buying these lots and then getting it cut. Being home owner, we hardly need a quantity of anything beyond say 2000 3000 or 5000 sq ft at the max so why should we get into that risk oriented business, not worth doing all that

Few examples of what can go wrong :

– you buy a block of Italian marble & it looks great from outside. On cutting you found that inside there is a hole.

– you have seen block for 4 sides & upper side, many a times you dont even get to see bottom side (placed towards floor). There could be damage on bottom side. You just see the lot from outside 3-4 sides then you take a risk if you want to buy you buy and if don’t want don’t buy. And that’s the way the suppliers over there in Italy treat you. You see the lot from ouside and buy it. After this whatever you get inside is yours even if you get a pot of gold it’s all yours.