• Home Owner's biggest confusion with Soundproofing

Home Owner’s biggest confusion with Soundproofing

You have a living room and there is lot of noise coming from outside and maybe inside there are other things going on so how do you reduce noise in the room. First thing suggested by most people is Sliding windows. yes if Sliding windows are of good quality that itself will bring some change. But there are other factors that will also help.

You need a good door, the door is also important. You basically need to look at all the openings in the house which are opening to the outside.

Air tightness is a big factor in terms of sound insulation. We are talking about outside sound coming in so the first thing to do is completely seal off the outside from the inside, everything should be air tight.

For your front door a gasket is very important you need a very good gasket. People have this big misconception that if neighbors can hear us, put some egg cartons or thermocol like material on the wall or put glass wool on the wall.

There is a big confusion I find between absorption and blocking. Blocking sound and absorbing sounds are two very different things.

Some foam or acoustic panel what that does is – it absorbs sound it does not reflect. So if the sound strikes the panel it will not reflect 100% only 20% or 10% will reflect. So that is how absorption works. That is for inside a room it’s to control the echo.

But if you have a neighbor complaining that you are making noise this glass wool or foam is useless. You need some every heavy kind of brick wall or you need additional layers of gypsum.
So these are two different things absorption and sound insulation you should just not confuse them. We find this everywhere; everyone says this that I have put glass wool still noise is coming.

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