• Soundproofing with Brick Walls and Glass Partition

Soundproofing with Brick Walls and Glass Partition

Depending upon what kind of Noise problem we are solving we need to decide if new Brick wall is required or other kind of partition with some additional layer will work.

Glass Partition inside Offices

Many clients call us for their office, they have a conference room inside a their office. No0w they feel that sound from conference room is getting in to whole office & vice versa. These glass partitions are not doing good job.

In an office interior is decided by the architects or interior designers. They have a very clear idea how the look of office should be. Acoustic guy has very little say. Its upto Designers/ Architects to decide how partitions are goign to be.

If they want glass they will put glass. So at most we might specify double glazing glass partition, we will specify what kind of glass, how much spacing, how to install it. But generally Acoustic Expert don’t have too much say or change this to different type of material except in a very extreme situation.

Partitions Inside Home

Again, there is no single solution, it depends on the nature of problem, what kind of noise/sound you are trying to block. What is that sound what is the situation inside your house, how much sound is there, depends on those kinds of things.

Brick walls usually do good job in blocking Noise. Between party halls, between adjacent residences there we will have to have brick Wall. You can’t have a gypsum partition there. For home theaters you don’t want sound to go out, brick is probably the best. Also recording studios definitely you should go for brick wall.

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