• Why Acoustic Measures are Important for Mumbai Homes

Why Acoustic Measures are Important for Mumbai Homes

Mumbai is incredibly noisy place. It has been documented that it is one of the noisiest cities in the world. So I think doing some acoustic treatment for the house goes a long way in ensuring a peaceful ambiance at home.

But at the same time it may not be for everyone because If you have grown up in Mumbai you have always lived here so you are used to this noise it’s not bothering you. In that case you probably don’t need it; it really depends from person to person.

It is about your subjective taste so there is blanket rule I would say. But I think Mumbai is a great candidate to have acoustic treatment in the house because of the noise level here. Just general traffic noise is over 90 decibels.

If there is lesser amount of noise pollution it definitely impacts on your health and well being.

There is a definite correlation between ambient noise the kind of noise you are listening to all day and your mental state, stress and health as well.

This noise is a great factor of the way people behave on the road because of the noise, all the honking and the auto rickshaws are the biggest culprits I feel. They are unbelievably noisy they are so many of them. We need some serious regulation to curb that noise, road noise from engines and horns to change things here.

Until things improve on roads & outdoors, you should try to fix things you can within your home.

Sound is important for living our life, but noise is some sound which is not necessary, or sound which causes annoyance.

You cannot thank enough to political parties & social groups which play lot of loud music, so that Gods are happy with us & shower blessings.

You have got adjusted to noise & living your life, but definitely without your knowledge it does impact on your health & well being.

Got small kids at Home ? Their attention span & intelligence is getting impact of it.

Sometime you should experiment. Travel by auto & carry a sound level meter. Pull it out to see what this sound level is. Very often it goes 85-90 always like continuous it’s at 85-90 in traffic. That is above the WHO danger level.

WHO danger level is 85 or 90 decibels, that means if you are working 8 hrs at your work place that is related to your office. If you are in a noisy factory and the level is more than 90db then slowly you will become duff. If it’s more than 85 90 decibels continuously for long term.

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