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Veneer Polishing with Rubio Monocoat

Firstly let’s understand what rubio monocaot is.

Rubio monocoat is a hard wax oil produced in European market. It is quite a unique and popular wax oil in Europe past 65 years. Rubio monocoat protects and colors wood in single coat unlike other polishes. Rubio monocoat is the only polish with natural components with zero VUC (volatile organic components). Rubio Monocoat mainly constitutes of natural products like fruit seeds.

Rubio Monocoat is the only polish that abides by with the microns of the wood by molecular bonding. It doesn’t form a film or layer over the surface like other polishes. Rubio monocoat is the only polish that can directly be applied to wood or veneer or veneered wood. The molecular bonding creates a beautiful smooth surface over the surface with no layers felt (if touched) that is quite durable and long lasting.

Application Process of Rubio Monocoat

Rubio monocoat is available in 40 different colors that are easy to apply and maintain.
i. Firstly the veneered wood or floor is smoothened to have good end result of the polish. Uneven sanding can result in uneven coloring and coating. Usually an 80-120 sand paper is used for smoothening.
ii. The dust present is then removed. This is done with a cloth dampened with raw wood cleaner. The cloth is then wiped over the floor which absorbs the dust. If the floor is veneer is not dusted, the polish oil will settle on duct creating minute paste on the surface. The oil bond with the dust rather than wood fibers.
iii. The oils is then stirred thoroughly so that there are no pigments settled at the bottom of the can. This is polish or oil is then applied to the surface with a cloth. The polish is applied lengthwise i.e. along the grains of the veneer.
iv. The oil/polish is then spread with another cloth or white pad (tool for larger areas). This is done to evenly spread the oil to get and even toned surface.
v. Immediately after 3-5 mins. the excess oils is removed by rubbing of the surface with dry cloth. This needs to be done within 10-15 mins after application of oil i.e. before it completes dries of.

Rubio Monocoat being applied on Red Oak Decorative Veneer

You may come across many home owners or even dealers saying “Rubio monocoat is an alternative to polish”. But the fact is that Rubio monocoat itself is a polish.
Rubio monocoat is an ecofriendly polish used basically to maintain the natural look of the wood/veneer unlike other polishes say Melamine polish.

Melamine polish is acidic in nature which can prove to be hazardous to health. The first person to be most affected is the one dusting the excess polish after polishing. There are these invisible acidic fumes coming out, breathing which can cause cancer sometimes. Workers working in this industry for 8-10 years (especially those who are immediately exposed to after polish process) complain of breathing issues, lung problems, etc.

Laminates in that case are hazardous to health. As laminates are artificially made, many a times the polishing is not even necessary. Most of the times you get a finished, polished product.
At factories where veneering and polishing process takes place, there are “hazardous to health “board put up. In European countries, there are strict rules followed for number of entry of workers too. The European government has banned such polished veneered wood or laminated furniture.

Home owners are not mush at risk as they are exposed to very minimal percentage to this acidic polish. This is because the polished wood doesn’t immediately go to home owners, it takes time to reach them till when the reaction has reduced to minimum.
This does affect the Veneer industry particularly in European market. But here in India, home owners being more conscious about interior trends, there are various choices available to suit them.

Rubio Monocoat has not emanated to India
Reason for Rubio monocoat not coming to exported to India is because of the strict norms followed by European market. One of the reasons is that they do not easily give away their product to especially those who are unaware of its richness and features. They do not want the product to be misused or ruined just like that. To understand this too, there’s a judgmental passed through their rules.

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  1. subrata banerjee 27 October 2017 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    I am living in a apartment at Kolkata. My wall- mounting wardrobes (3) and selves (1) are made of thick ply-wood with veneer finished. My doors (4) and windows (6) are made of solid wood with polish finished. Now, I intend to polish the said materials by Rubio Monocoat,

    Please let med know your advice as well as your proposal on undertaking such work.


  2. Rajat 13 April 2018 at 8:25 am - Reply

    Can you suggest someone who can do Rubio monocoat to our new furniture.

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    Do you Sell/Deliever Rubio Monocoat in Hyderabad

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    What is the cost of Rubio Monocoat oil in Mumbai. Where is it available.


    • contractorbhai 10 July 2018 at 12:53 pm - Reply

      I have emailed number of authorized vendor, pls check email.

  5. Hardik shah 18 July 2018 at 4:48 pm - Reply

    Hi Nitin Bhai,

    What is the cost of Rubio Monocoat per Ltr ??
    Where can i Get it in Mumbai ??
    Also can you advie any contractor for doing this polish, who has experience in this ??

    • contractorbhai 18 July 2018 at 5:05 pm - Reply

      I have sent you contact of dealer in Mumbai, please check your email.

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