• How Long does it take to Build Ground plus 3 House in Bangalore

How Long does it take to Build Ground plus 3 House in Bangalore

This article is the fourth in a multi-part series of articles describing Construction of ‘Ground plus 2’ or ‘Ground plus 3’ Independent Houses on 30×40 BDA Plots in Bangalore and nearby region. Related Articles below this post

There are various factors involved but the biggest one is “how soon client wants project to be completed ?”

case 1 :

There are Home owners who doesn’t have time they say I want project to be completed within 9 months at any cost. In such cases, contractor has to charge extra. Owner tells contractor to do everything possible, ask labour to work day and night. All they want is tell me delivery timeline & complete the project.

case 2 :

In other case, Home Owners will tell contractor that they want work to be done fast. However they will not instruct Contractor to work day & night.

Payments :

Speed on the execution depends upon how discipline Owner is in making payment. If you are skipping payments of bills, it will directly impact speed of the project. If there is a delay in payments there be delay in the work.

ContractorBhai team has completed several Ground plus 2 & Ground plus 3 projects in 9 to 12 months timeframe. Without delay in payments if work is done without major breaks, it can take 12-15 months to complete a Ground + 2 House in Bangalore.

Sometimes due to some climate reason or some unexpected difficulty work can get further delayed by month or two.

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  1. Pradeep Rao 25 August 2016 at 9:48 pm - Reply

    Do you arrange for plot purchase to getting occupation certificate in bangalore. Regards Pradeep Rao

    • contractorbhai 26 August 2016 at 4:57 pm - Reply

      No we dont, but many contractors/Architects provide complete service including purchase help

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