Top guide on Maintenance of Veneer wood furniture

Veneer is a natural wood, and therefore lot of care needs to be taken. If done so, Veneer will last longer and look beautiful for years to come. Veneer can easily be maintained by daily cleaning.

Regular Cleaning

• Wipe Veneered Furniture with dry, lint-free cloth on daily basis.
• Preferably, wipe the cloth on furniture in direction of the wood grain.

Every 15 days

• Clean the Veneer surface with a damp cloth. Then wipe it with a dry cloth soon.
Avoid using soapy or detergent water for cleaning veneer surface. As this can damage the polish of veneer. The veneer polish may start losing its shine in long run.
• Home owner can use a quality wood cleaner instead.


Dusting wood surface with lint free cloth

Avoid Stains on Veneer

Veneers have a tendency to stain. With light Veneers, stains are quite prominent, whereas with darker Veneers, stains will barely be seen. But stains develop only if tea, coffee or any other colored food spills/drops on veneer surface. To avoid staining, the spilled drink or food shall be cleaned immediately.

Well, there are many home owners who prefer having veneer surface for dining tables too. But here lot of care needs to be taken like use coasters for glasses and tea-coffee mugs, rest glass bowls on felt pads and use protective pads under vessels with rubber cushioning.

But If home owner is too keen for having Veneer furniture, he can get it polished with Rubio Monocoat. Since Rubio Monocoat is a stain free polish, the veneer will not develop stains. Home owner could also go for veneer Lamination finish. Laminated Veneer too are stain free. The benefit of having laminated veneer is that home owners can easily get buffing done which makes it look like a new piece.


It’s a misconception that few home owners have that veneers not to be used for rooms where continuous AC is expected. Veneers are not affected by cold (AC), but yes it gets affected if exposed to direct sunlight. The polish get affected in long run i.e. either polish starts yellowing or the veneer color starts fading. Infact direct sun exposure to any natural surface will cause damage.

Decorative Vener -Smoked-Laminated-Larch

Decorative Vener -Smoked-Laminated-Larch


TO make your furniture look new, you may think of getting it reploished. But the truth is that re-polishing in case of veneered furniture is not practical. To repolish the furniture, the old polish needs to be removed. To remove old polish, it needs to be scraped out with sharp tool which may damage the veneer. And once veneer is damaged, to replace it with same design or pattern is difficult. Also there are no such skilled labors or machine that can scrape polish without damaging veneer.

Otherwise, if Veneer wood furniture is taken good care of by cleaning it regularly and no staining, It will look beautiful and new for minimum 12-15 years.

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