• Steps to Waterproofing Cracks in Water Storage Tank

Steps to Waterproofing Cracks in Water Storage Tank

To waterproof water storage tank, the first and most important step is to empty water from the storage tank. Secondly the tank needs to be completely dry internally for waterproofing procedure to be carried out. Incase of polymer treatment, the tank need not really have to be completely dry.

Drying water storage Tank

As we saw earlier, water storage tank needs to be completely dry for waterproofing. But how is that done? One may think its left for drying by itself just like how it is done for painting the wall. Here the tank needs to be dry internally as waterproofing treatment will happen from inside the tank. So just think if the tank is left by itself for drying, how time consuming it could be. And imagine to stay without water for so many more days!!!

Home owners need not take the stress for thinking about it. With technology and science, water storage tank can easily be dried with tool. This tool is a gas torch of low lamp that helps in drying up in no time.

Once the tank is completely dried internally, waterproofing treatment is carried out.

Stepwise waterproofing Treatment

Crack in water tank is sealed using EPOXY grouting.
i. Firstly the crack or affected area is exposed by breaking the plaster.
ii. The crack is then grooved or cut in ā€œVā€ shape.
iii. The affected area is then drilled. Drilling is done at 6ā€ from the affected area.
iv. A pipe is placed through which EPOXY grouting is applied followed by further waterproofing treatment.

Similar process to waterproofing is carried out in case of multiple cracks in water tank.

Cost for Waterproofing Water storage Tank

Usually a waterproofing contractor gives a lump-sum estimate to waterproof water storage tank at start. Waterproofing contractors will otherwise examine the tank, and give you rough estimate by calculating number of cracks by the sq.ft. area of affected/damaged part. This calculation is majorly taken on for fewer cracks.
Roughly waterproofing a medium size water storage tank cost around Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000. To give further rough idea an waterproofing contractor charges around Rs.300 per sq.ft and Rs.1,000 for crack grouting/waterproofing. But as is aid this is just a rough idea for home-owners to understand how cost is calculated. Contractor usually will give a rough figure for waterproofing.

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