Correct Lighting in homes not only changes the mood of a room, but also creates space within space. The placement and type of light used are very important features of interior design.

With awareness and technology, modern home owners, not only want their rooms and kitchens to look luxurious but also their bathrooms too. No matter what the size be. This can be achieved using correct number of lights is right areas.

I happen to talk to experts i.e. (i) a Contractor and (ii) and Interior Designer for suggestions on how to transform bathroom into a relaxing and functional room just by adding lights.

This is what Contractor shared –

Use Different lights to lite different areas in bathroom

Usually in bathrooms, only one light bulb or tube light is used which is just enough. TO add space style to your bathrooms, I would suggest home owners to have 2-3 lights in one bathroom. These lights can be placed in different areas of bathroom. Yes, you heard it right different areas in bathroom…Many home owners will be stunned when I say this. Well, by different areas in bathroom I mean the shower area, WC area and the basin area. These 3 areas shall have different lights.

For shower area and WC area I suggest home owners to have ceiling or concealed ceiling lights. Concealed lights as the light fitting and wiring will get concealed inside wall and make the room look neater. Home owners can choose from various designs, styles, sizes and intensity lights that best fit your room size.

For basin area in your bathroom, home owners can have wall fitted light installed. This light shall be quite bright for better visibility. You shall be able to comfortably use the mirror with the light fitted.

Form above mentioned three areas, lights in two areas, i.e. in shower area and WC area will much regularly be used.

This is what my Interior Designer shared–

Recessed can lights

As a designer I would suggest home owners to have indirect lights for bathroom. Recessed lights that are soft with downward glow illuminates the floors or sections rather than walls. Home owners can have number of recessed lights or with high intensity depending on how bright or dull they want that area.

For any columns or corners in bathroom, installing recessed can lights with dimmers will add to space and create ambiance too.

Task Lights or Functional lights

Task lights are lights that help home owner’s best view themselves while shaving, applying make-up, etc. Task lights at mirror area is very important. For task lights, I recommend having a pair of or single (depending on bathroom size) scones at eye level. A scone is a light fixture fixed on wall and not on ceiling or ground. Avoid using recessed lights in mirror area.

Cove lights or indirect lights

There can be a niche created in wall to keep toiletries like shampoo, soap, detergents, etc. Home owners can have functional lights installed in this niche created to highlight the area.

Get a Spa look in your bathrooms

For bigger bathrooms and budget, home owners can have a spa feel in their own bathrooms. Here they can have artificial bamboo’s (like in spa) installed parallel to one of the walls. To highlight this area, get ceiling lights installed in-between these bamboo sticks and wall. There are various type and colors of light to choose from. Turn on the lights and get a feel of spa at home.

Tip – Prefer having different switches for each light source or probably a combination of two.
This lets you to choose what light you want to lit and when.

For each of the above mentioned lights and lighting fixtures, what watts bulb to use majorly depends on size of your bathroom. For additional assistance on lighting types and fixtures, our team is available 24×7.