Bathroom for Kids & Elderly People

Bathroom is a place where there is constant use of water. It is one of the room that we essentially go very often. For home with kids and elderly people, home owners need to be careful while planning or remodeling the bathroom.

We happen to ask a Contractor as well as Interior Designer who have different approach to it. One very important point raised by each of them was – to have Anti-skid tiles for flooring. Having anti-skid tiles help hold better grip to feet evade chances of slipping. There are various anti-skid tile available in various brands and companies. But truly not all are 100% anti-skid tiles as said. We therefore suggest you to buy anti-skid tiles of good well-known brands only.Anti-skid tiles staring range is somewhere around Rs.150 to Rs.200. Tiles get expensive with
design, style and brand you buy.

This is what a Contractor has to say…

Bathroom For kids

Many home owners approach to us asking for things or details to take care of while remodeling bathroom. We usually suggest them not to worry about it more. With time kids grow and the changes made of area created especially for kids soon will prove impractical. We therefore as contractor will advise you to have bathroom interiors merely as per home owner’s choice. For those who have separate kids room and bathroom, home owners can get creative by having
kids or Disney related bathroom furnishings lie towels and napkins, bath mats, etc. Otherwise we suggest to keep the bathroom fittings and interior simple as a usual bathroom.

For Elderly People

Usually elderly people find it difficult to get up from Water Closet. Here we suggest Home owners to get a handle like fitting installed on side wall of WC. This fitting will aid elderly people and those with thyroid to get up from WC without much of an effort.

Interior Designer says…

For kids or elderly people at home

i. Tile joint – Secondly, home owners shall see to it that there are no sharp edges in bathroom that could hurt them. Especially the edges at was basin and flooring tiles. For flooring the tile joint shall have gap where grouting can be filled to soften the corners. If not, the joint can hurt anyone.

ii. Hot & cold water – It’s very important to have those hot and cold water signs on diverter. Kids or elderly ones may forget the diverter for hot and cold water and may end up burning themselves with hot water.

To be on a safer side, home owners can get a “THERMOSTAT” installed. Thermostat is a device that senses the temperature of system and maintain the system’s (here geyser) temperature at desired temperature. Thermostat does this by regulating the flow of hot water and cold water as needed to maintain set temperature. Home owners can
manually set this temperature. So say if elderly or kids happen to turn on hot water valve, the hot water temperature will be that which is set temperature, and not too hot otherwise. The cost of device with installation and labor work will approximately cost Rs. 10,000.

For home with elderly people, I (interior designer) suggest home owners to have a bench or chair kept in shower area. This will make elderly ones easy to have bath especially for those who find it difficult to stand for long or sit too low. Also for WC, have a wall mounted WC installed.

For any further help or details for personalized bathrooms, Home owners can feel free to contact our anytime.